3 Advantages of Laser Cut Automobile Keys

When you need a new key, chances are you just go down to the hardware store and have one made. However, chances are good you can't do that with your car key anymore. The reason for that is because modern automobile keys are laser cut, in addition to needing their chip programmed in order to work on your car, which means you typically have to go to your dealer or a specialized locksmithing service.

While that might sound like one big hassle, it's important to remember there are definite advantages to using a laser cut key. For instance...

Advantage #1: Precision

There's only so precise you can get with an old-fashioned key cutter. Even the best keys cut with a traditional machine will be nowhere near as precise as those cut by a laser. This ensures a perfect fit every time, helping you avoid the scenario where you need to cut two or even three keys before getting just the right configuration.

Advantage #2: Security

Traditionally cut keys are fairly simple to make copies of, and it can be done at nearly any hardware store that offers key cutting services. Laser cut keys, on the other hand, are much more difficult to duplicate, and the tools for doing so are equally difficult to come across. This helps ensure that your keys are the only usable copies, and that you don't have to worry about duplicates floating around.

Advantage #3: Higher Tolerance

Laser cut keys are different from standard keys in their dimensions and styling, which means they can hold up better over time than more traditional car keys can. As a result your old keys will wear out much less often, and you'll need to acquire new ones far more rarely than was the case in the past. This is particularly useful for those whose keys are exposed to long-term use, extremes of temperature, etc.

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