A Gun Safe is Standard Operating Procedure for Any Gun Owner

There sure is a lot of talk in this country about guns these days. And, unfortunately for those of us legal, permitted and registered gun owners - most of it just isn't very good. It's a shame, but because of irresponsible gun owners and just flat out criminals, the rest of us get a bad rap. Well, there is one very small but important thing we can all do in order protect our right to own firearms and that's to be as safe as possible with the handling of our guns. The easiest way to start doing that - get a Gun Safe, like, right now.

A gun safe in your home is about as essential as electricity. While you and I may know that whether we're out at the range or sitting on the back deck, the people in our orbit are safe because we know how to handle our weapons, but not everyone else does, and guns have a way of attracting the curious; adults and kids alike. The last thing you want is for a visitor or a family member to accidentally, or as a result of snooping - find your piece and discharge it. We don't need to discuss the results, we all know what the ending is no matter how benign or severe - it's not good. The more stories that get out there about so and so in some such state leaving an unsecured gun around the house in which someone gets hurt, is not just tragic at the human level, but also threatens our constitutional rights to gun ownership.

If you don't have a safe, it certainly doesn't mean you're an unsafe gun owner, but life happens and maybe you just haven't gotten around to getting one. Well, that may be the reason, but it's no excuse. They're certainly not expensive when you consider the costs as far as the damage that can be done and we haven't even mentioned this yet - what if someone steals your piece and commits a crime with it? You certainly don't want to deal with that. Talk about serious headaches.

If you're a new gun owner, or are about to be, go buy your safe immediately after buying your gun. And, when you do; buy from professionals who can tell you exactly the right kind of safe for not only your gun, but your lifestyle. For instance, if you're using a sidearm for home protection you'll want something that's safe, but easy to get into in a pinch. That's different than say - a hunter, who uses his safe to protect his long guns and only has to get into them when he or she is about to head out into the woods. Just like buying a gun, you don't want to just buy some ubiquitous safe from someone who sells a whole bunch of other stuff. You need to buy from experts who know the safe business and can provide a product with the right amount of quality, practicality and an iron clad guarantee that your gun will be safe and out of the reach of anyone but you.

So keep you and your loved ones safe while also doing your part to keep our rights just the way we like them - ours.

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