Access Control System: Added and Important Line of Defense

"Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures"

Guess how far back the saying, "drastic times call for drastic measures," goes? In a matter of seconds, we have found the answer for you on the Phrase of the Day. Isn't it wonderful how quickly we can find out something about almost anything in cyberspace? The person who is credited with establishing this phrase is the "ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates." Hippocrates used it referring to the outbreak of "extreme diseases."

We're using it a bit different since we're all about keys, locks, and safes. You know we're all about security for businesses and homes. Sometimes, we must take extra, or extreme, precautions to keep our businesses and homes safe from crime.

Access Control Systems - An Extra Layer of Security

We're focusing more on businesses in this blog. We're hoping to get business leaders, large and small, to understand the importance of integrating an access control system into their office, building or complex. You will understand why when you read this informative and interesting article found on Forbes. The team at Precision Safe & Lock, LLC cannot put it any better than this well-written article. We have to quote the first paragraph from this article because it's something to think about for sure.

"Humans are often pegged as the weakest link in cybersecurity -- and to a great extent, that's true. But in my experience, this axiom misses the bigger point: The reason it's true is that most companies do not have effective access control." (We bolded that last part.)

In a nutshell, the Forbes' author is telling you that only spending tons of money against cybersecurity is only half the battle. If you haven't read the article yet, it's because too many people are great at hacking today. So, if you leave your business open to anyone passing through without any traceability, you're going to waste all that money you spent on protecting your systems without totally protecting everything. We couldn't say it better than the second to the last paragraph of the Forbes' article.

"You'll spend days, weeks or even months combing through logs and alerts from dozens of security solutions in the hope of finding what went wrong, only to find that someone from the outside managed to steal the identity of someone on the inside and cleaned you out."

Security Solutions to Keep Your Business Secure

Unfortunately, we all must be aware and sometimes take, what some might think to be, "drastic measures" to safeguard our businesses. Whether you run a small business or a big organization, some criminal actions can leave some businesses paralyzed.

At Precision Safe & Lock, LLC, we have state-of-the-art security devices and systems to help you keep your business safe. We have access control systems that will help you keep a keen eye on your business. You will have control by...

  • Tracking movement through your business.
  • Controlling who has access to your building and when they can have access.
  • Keeping your equipment safe by restricting who can get to it and the times when no access is allowed.

Give yourself the peace of mind you need to leave your work behind at the end of the day. Give the team at Precision Safe & Lock, LLC a call to let our business help your business with an access control system. It is always an honor to be of service to our fellow residents and businesses in the Central Florida area.

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