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Protecting Your Valuables – Choosing the Right Kind of Safe

One of the first questions to ask yourself when considering purchasing a safe is: Why do you think you need one? Have you had a recent break-in? Fire? Theft? Or are you trying to be proactive in protecting valuables, such as guns, jewelry, heirlooms, and emergency cash?  Whether you collect guns or knives, hunt, target shoot…
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My Safe Won’t Open! The 3 Most Common Reasons

The entire purpose of a safe is to make sure the stuff you put in it can't be accessed by anyone else. The problem is that, sometimes, your safe keeps you out, as well. When your safe won't open, it's important to try to troubleshoot it yourself before you call in the pros. Some of the…
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You May Not Know Everything Your Auto’s Remote Key Does

The Secrets of Remote Key Fobs Technology has and is bringing about exciting changes. From the old wooden keys from centuries ago to the key fobs so many of us have today, you may not even know the "hidden features" as revealed on Consumer Reports. Of course, these features may only be found on the…
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One-Stop Shopping for Hard-to-Find Keys

What do you do if you've lost a key to your motorcycle, 4-wheeler, camper, boat, or other recreational vehicles? Frankly, losing a key to one of these vehicles/toys can be difficult, for several reasons. If you're used to going to a hardware store or even a Big Box store for replacement or duplicate key needs,…
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