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Why You Should Go to a Locksmith for a New Car Key

Why You Should Go to a Locksmith for a New Car Key The automotive industry has gone through a significant amount of technology changes over the past decade. Today, many parts of a car have been enhanced to include features that make driving safer and more convenient. One part of a car that is different…
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Don't get locked out of having fun, especially when you're all ready to go and the key is nowhere to be found for your motorcycle, your 4-wheeler, your camper or your boat. Whatever recreational vehicle you may have, we have key blanks that hardware stores and big box stores do not carry.  You're all excited to…
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Staying Secure with Medeco Keys and Locks

At Precision Safe & Lock, we believe that excellent service can only be coupled with the best quality products for ultimate customer satisfaction. That is precisely why we use Medeco keys and locks, which offer high security and customization - a perfect fit for all your locking needs. What exactly is "high security?" Burglaries are only seen…
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How to be a Gun Safety Expert at Home

How to be a Gun Safety Expert at Home Lately, the 2nd Amendment has become a popular topic in the news. Regardless of whether you are pro-gun or pro-regulation, everyone agrees that if you own a gun then gun safety must be a high priority. Gun safety expert Bill Brassard said, "It's a gun owner's…
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