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Perimeter Security Isn’t Enough for Offices with Medical Information

Most office buildings focus on two types of security: physical perimeter security and cybersecurity. While ensuring that unauthorized people can't gain access to the building is important, it's not the end of an office's obligation to control access and protect information. Maintaining HIPAA compliance also requires internal security measures that limit access to information and…
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Advantages of Access Control System for Commercial use

Access Control is an electronic means of limiting access to an office, a warehouse, or a designated area. This restricted area can be the entire building or parts of it, such as server rooms, staff-only rooms. A company might require, for example, only IT staff to access server rooms. The other members of the team…
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Location is Everything When it Comes to Your Handgun Safe

As a responsible handgun owner, you know it's important to keep your weapon in a safe. This keeps it from falling into the wrong hands by accident; whether that's curious kids who mistake it for a toy, thieves, or anyone else you don't want to have access to your weapon. However, there are a lot…
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Precision Safe & Lock: Proud to Offer Liberty Safe

When it comes to home safes, we are the experts in Central Florida, and we are proud to be a full-service dealer for Liberty Safes. Made in America, Liberty Safes celebrates a 30-year history of dedication and precision behind every part and component used to build each safe. If you're looking for your first safe,…
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