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Precision Safe & Lock Replaces All Types of Commercial Doors

Types of Commercial Doors What type of door you need depends on its use and its location. An informative guide on the different types of commercial doors is found on eHow. As noted, "commercial doors are also subject to more stringent building code requirements, including those aimed at safe egress, fire protection, and accessibility for…
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3 Advantages of a Biometric Handgun Safe

If you have a handgun, chances are good you keep it in a safe as a way to prevent accidents. However, if you have a traditional safe then you might want to consider getting a 21st century upgrade. Biometric gun safes, where you simply use your fingerprint to access your handgun, are no longer just…
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Panic Bars: What to Know

What Are Panic Bars? A panic bar also called a crash bar is to ensure a door opens upon pushing the bar. A panic bar can be critical in the event of an emergency, and there are codes to ensure that commercial buildings have them installed. Where Panic Bars are Required? Whether you're required or…
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