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How to Gain Entry into Your Home when You Experience a Lockout

Many homeowners experience the feeling of dismay when they realize they are without a key to their home. It’s an uneasy feeling that allows panic to set in, and makes us not always think rationally. Being locked out of your home doesn’t need to cause a big drama, as there are a few simple things…
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Laser Cut Keys Vs. Traditional

Does the cut make the key? In some ways, yes. In this article we will list what a laser cut car key is, and what benefits they have over traditionally cut keys. Laser cut keys are, surprisingly, not cut by a laser. Their name is only one of several names they go by, including sidewinder…
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Add Lock Replacement to Your List of Home Improvements This Spring

Homeowners, who have cabin fever from months of cold temperatures, will welcome the upcoming spring temperatures. They can finally get started on all their home improvements, which they came up with when stranded within their home this winter. While the kitchen and bathrooms are a likely top priority, door hardware needs be on the list…
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Safe Opening: Does It Really Take A Thief?

Safe opening conjures up images of darkly clad burglars armed with stethoscopes and carefully listening for tumblers to fall into place. This trope has been used so often in TV and movies that many people think it's a myth. It's actually only part myth. It's called "manipulation" and it requires years of practice and tons of…
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