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Automobile Keys: The Reasons to Have a Spare-Edited 

A surprising number of car owners do not have multiple keys for their car. In fact, only a small percentage of used cars come with two or more keys. However, having multiple automobile keys for each vehicle you own can be vital in any number of emergency situations. If you do not currently have two…
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VATS Keys; What They Are And How They Work

So, you have a VATS Key. That one master key with the big black chip just above the blade. What's so special about it, exactly? Well.. First of all, what is a VATS key? First implemented in 1986 by General Motors, VATS keys were originally only for the Corvette. They were later used for the…
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Lock Rekey – Protect your home and save money!

The locks of your home or business can become vulnerable in several ways leaving you uneasy when you’re away. The unknown of lost or misplaced keys is something a homeowner should not have to worry about. Replacing your lock hardware can be very costly and simply overkill in many situations and a lock rekey allows…
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File Cabinet Locks – Add security to your office

Filing cabinets are a useful item in an office environment as well as in our homes. They help organize, store and protect important items and documents for later use. Models range from small single drawer to large multi drawer and some even offer fire protection. If you are in an office environment that is vulnerable…
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