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Safe Opening: Does It Really Take A Thief?

Safe opening conjures up images of darkly clad burglars armed with stethoscopes and carefully listening for tumblers to fall into place. This trope has been used so often in TV and movies that many people think it's a myth. It's actually only part myth. It's called "manipulation" and it requires years of practice and tons of…
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How Well Do You Know Your VATS Key?

In 1986, General Motors sought an end to the high-theft rate of their vehicles. The answer came when they hired Briggs & Stratton who went on to develop the VATS key system. VATS stands for Vehicle Anti-Theft System and it made its debut appearance in the year 1988 when it was installed in the Corvette.…
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Safe Repair – Save the hassle and cost of replacing your safe

The job of a safe is to protect your valuables and ensure they are secure from the intrusion attempts of thieves. The condition and working order of your safe dictates how secure it actually is. If you have a safe that does not lock or is in disrepair it is imperative to get it repaired…
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Good Sliding Glass Door Locks Provide Real Security

Many homeowners assume that a sliding glass door is a security hole that they can't do anything about. The doors don't fit well on their tracks and the locks are jokes. This leads them to take minimal or even no steps to improve the security of this part of the home. Thieves are aware of…
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