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Lock Repair – Faulty door locks can make your home at risk

Do you have a door that just doesn’t seem to shut properly or a door lock that doesn’t seem secure? Worn or faulty door locks make it easy for burglars to enter your home so it’s imperative they be fixed immediately. A professional locksmith can inspect your door locks to see if they are in…
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Need a Liberty Safe Dealer That Delivers in More Than One Way?

Not only do we here at Precision Lock & Repair offer a wide selection of Liberty safes, but we also provide additional safe services including delivery, personalized installation, and repair. Our safe experts help you with the process from beginning to end, from the initial procurement of your chosen safe to guide you through any…
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Sliding Glass Door Locks – Are your doors completely secure?

Homeowners looking to make their home as secure as possible often overlook major points of vulnerability within their home. It is common to replace all door locks and to install dead bolts to prevent unwanted entry from entrance door. Sliding glass doors usually are skipped over since they commonly do not have a standard door…
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Safe Opening: What Happens if I Lose my Key or Combination?

Safes are one of the best ways to keep important valuables away from prying eyes and out of curious hands. But what happens if you're unable to find your safe key or if you can't remember your combination? Professional safe and lock companies can accomplish safe opening without destroying the precious valuables inside or the…
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