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Padlocks: Selecting the Right One for the Job

Are padlocks important? We think so, and we really can't emphasis enough the importance of knowing about them. We'll give you a brief history then dive right in so you can select the one perfect for protecting your property from thieves and vandals. Padlock History The word "padlock" was coined sometime after 800 AD and is…
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Keep Your Life Intact with Proper Safes and Safe Repair Services

Preparation is a kind of time travel where you can travel into the future to give your future self something that they really need. And chances are good that if there’s a fire, water disaster, or break-in, a safe that’s in good repair is something that your future self is really going to want to…
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New Home, New Locks!

After poring over real estate listings and taking countless virtual tours, you've finally signed the papers and hold in your hand the keys to your new home. You're eager to move in, unpack, make a few changes, and explore your new neighborhood. But first, you should take a moment to look at those keys, and…
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