Precision Safe & Lock, LLC offers you complete automotive locksmith service. We now sell factory original remotes for cars and trucks, and we have the capability to program them. We keep an inventory of batteries on hand for most remote, key fobs. Sometimes, your key fob may need to be repaired or replaced, and we are equipped to assist you.

To help you a better understanding of your remote key's function, we reference Wikipedia's "Remote Keyless System". Your remote key contains a short-range radio transmitter. When you are within a certain range of your vehicle, you are able to send a coded signal via radio waves with the click of a button to lock or unlock your doors. At some point in time, your remote key system may fail.

A great guide to keep on hand is a Lifewire article, "Why Isn't My Car Key Remote Not Working" by Jeremy Laukkonen. This write-up has great information about remote keys failing. As Laukkonen has noted, most likely it is a battery problem. If you have an additional key, check to see if it works. If the backup remote works, then you know your main key fob is the problem. It may be as simple as changing out a battery, or it could be that an internal part is broken or disconnected. Having that backup remote key is great, but you will want to get your main key fixed or replaced. If your remote key is also equipped with a physical key, and it works, it's a good indication that the problem most likely resides with your key fob. We can help you diagnose, repair or replace your remote key.

For those vehicles that do not come with a physical key, the problem could be a bit more complex. We have the knowledge and skill to help you. As the informative, Lifewire article also explains, it could be that your automobile may have forgotten your key. We can reprogram your remote key system. The author also mentions the problem may be with your car's inside receiver. We have skilled, mobile technicians to come to your rescue.

Precision Safe & Lock, LLC is here to assist you with your remote car key problems. If you only have one remote, allow us to set you up with a backup now. We proudly serve Winter Haven and Central Florida. Call us at 863-293-4098 if you require immediate service, or email us with any questions you may have.

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