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A Gun Safe is Standard Operating Procedure for Any Gun Owner

There sure is a lot of talk in this country about guns these days. And, unfortunately for those of us legal, permitted and registered gun owners - most of it just isn't very good. It's a shame, but because of irresponsible gun owners and just flat out criminals, the rest of us get a bad…
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Which Gun Safe Do You Need?

To hear some people tell it, firearms leap off the nightstand, fully loaded and with the safety off, and then thrust themselves into peoples' hands and force them to go off the deep end. Fortunately, they don't. They are tools that can mean the difference between life and death for your family. Since they are so…
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Protect Valuables and Keepsakes With a Fire Safe

If you're like most middle class Americans, having a Fire Safe in your home probably isn't that high on your list of priorities. But it probably should be. There are many benefits to having a fire safe in your home, including their primary function, which is protecting important items from going up in smoke in the…
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