Who Can Make Laser Cut Automobile Keys?

Losing your car keys is an unfortunate thing that happens to many of us. No matter how thoughtful we are with keeping track of our things, your kids can move them, purses can get stolen, or somehow they just get misplaced. One way to prevent the disaster of losing your keys is to always have a spare on hand. But if you bought your car used you may only have one key or if you already lost one of the keys for your car you might want to make another one.

But when you have a newer car with a laser cut key, you might be wondering—who can make laser cut automobile keys? You can't just take them to the local Home Depot or hardware store. Because of the more complicated and expensive equipment required to duplicate laser cut car keys, you need to go to a locksmith that has the proper tools. In the Central Florida area, Precision Safe & Lock is your go-to locksmith for cutting new laser cut keys.

One thing some consumers may not realize about laser cut keys is that there is more to it than the key itself. There is a built-in transponder chip that needs to be programmed in order for the key to work. This extra step adds to the security of the car and makes it much harder from someone to duplicate.

This is good for you as a car owner concerned about theft. But it does make it more complicated for you if you need to replace the key yourself. That is why Precision Safe & Lock is here to help with laser cut automobile keys. Contact us today for more information. 


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