Why You Should Consider Medeco Keys and Locks

Excellent physical security is an important factor to consider whether you are looking to protect your home or place of business. A single burglary can cost victims thousands of dollars in property loss and time. Many padlocks, lever sets, and door knobs on the market can easily be defeated if a burglar has enough time and the right tools to do the job. Take physical security into your own hands by choosing Medeco keys and locks for all your locking needs.

Why Choose Medeco?

Medeco takes residential and business security seriously! Medeco has been in the business of providing high-tech lock solutions for over 50 years and has gained a reputation for excellence. The Medeco brand is used at top-secret military installations, chemical and medical labs, schools, and other places where access control is top priority. Medeco uses high alloy steel in all their products, as well as shackle guards and precision key cuts, to ensure that their locks can't be defeated. Medeco locks and keys can only be sold through authorized dealers to ensure that access control is maintained and keys can't be duplicated by those who are not on record as authorized buyers.

Where Should I Use Medeco Locks?

Medeco locks should be used where access control is a must. Medeco makes deadbolts, interchangeable cylinders, electronic locks, shackle-guarded padlocks, and more. Whether you want to restrict employee access or keep criminals out of your home, Medeco has the perfect lock solution for you.

Short-Term Costs and Long-Term Savings

Medeco products cost more than standard locks and keys you would find at your local locksmith, but these products are built to last. You will pay more money upfront, but will save money in the long run. Medeco products can last for years without needing repair, and your home or business will become a hardened target against burglaries. Most Medeco locks can be rekeyed, or come with interchangeable core cylinders, so if a key gets lost, you don't have to replace the entire lock system.

When it comes to residential and business security, Medeco is a brand you can trust. Since 1968, this brand has provided some of the most secure facilities in the United States with keys and locks that can't be defeated. If you are ready to take the physical security of your building to the next level, Contact us today so we can help you get started!

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