Cutting Edge Commercial Door Hardware

Protecting your business and making it safe for customers is just as important as making your business profitable. Whether you own a small corner shop in town or have a multi-building campus, Precision Safe and Lock offers a variety of commercial door hardware solutions that will control "the box" and make it easily accessible for all potential customers and clients. When thinking about commercial door hardware, we have several different options for you to consider:

  • Panic Bars: Panic bars are emergency push bars that can be installed on emergency egress doors. They are designed to protect emergency exits from free passageway during the course of normal business, but provide easy access to get out of the building in the event of a fire or other emergency. Emergency exit doors are required by fire code in most cities, and panic bars will help you get into compliance quickly. Panic bars can come complete with emergency sirens that sound when the panic bar is activated, so you will know quickly if someone exits out of an emergency exit door when there is no actual emergency.
  • Detex Boxes: Detex boxes are ideal for emergency exits in which you already have emergency crashbar hardware installed that does not have exit sirens already built in. Detex boxes are local alarm siren boxes in which a magnetic alarm contact is installed on the door frame and a siren box is installed next to the magnetic contact alarm contact on the door. If the Detex box is turned on, an audible siren will sound when the magnetic connection is broken. Detex boxes are a great solution when you have doors that should be usable at some points during the day, and secured during other times.
  • Electronic Door Operators: To save on wear and tear of frequently used doors, and to make sure your business is ADA compliant, consider installing electronic door operators on the entrances of your building. Electronic door operators can control the opening and closing motion of your doors to ensure that they do not over swing and are easy to pass through. Handicap push buttons can be installed so that the doors automatically open when activated.
  • Electric Strike Hardware: Does your business have restricted areas that only authorized employees should have access to? If so, consider letting us install electric strike hardware on your doors. Electric strike door hardware acts like a key and lock system without having to use a key! Your employees can gain access to an electric strike enabled door by swiping or tapping an ID badge at a card reader or by typing in the correct code on an electric keypad. Once the credentials have been verified, the electric strike mechanism will release and allow authorized users through the door.

At Precision Safe and Lock, we have all of the commercial door hardware you need to make sure your business runs smoothly and is protected at all times. Whether you have life safety or security issues you need to address, feel free to call us today so we can help find a solution that is right for you!

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