Why Get an Access Control System for Commercial Use?

Access control has become one of the most popular and cutting-edge ways of providing security in commercial buildings. Combining technology with entrance and exit security, access control systems take commercial security to the next level. If you have been considering installing an access control system in your business, here are some of the reasons why it is beneficial.

More Security—One Method

Access control increases your security in one simple way. Access control means no one can enter the commercial building without their fob, a tag that is activated to open only certain doors. It provides easy access—no fumbling around with a key in a lock—and the fobs are not easily duplicated. Unlike traditional keys that can be duplicated at any hardware store, a key fob can't be duplicated unless someone has the specific tools and skills. And, the security is increased because the fobs can be deactivated if needed, like if a fob gets lost or if an employee is terminated but takes their key with them. Fobs can also be programmed to only work during certain hours, keeping employees out of the building after hours.

Two Examples of Successful Commercial Access Control Systems

Consider the use of access control at a school. Schools are undoubtedly one of those most important places for high-quality security. An access control system would mean only staff are able to enter the building with their fobs. Any guests would have to ring a bell or alert the front desk staff in another way to open the front door. This helps limit the potential risk of intruders. 

In another scenario, a large business has hundreds of employees in many departments. Perhaps every employee has a fob that give them access to the main building. But each employee's same fob also gives them access to the specific floor where they work—for example the accounting floor, sales floor, customer service floor, and executives offices.

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