Gun Safety 101: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family As a Gun Owner (Part 2)

Owning a gun as a parent isn't a simple matter. You have to take the proper steps to ensure that your kids are protected. Here are four ways to insure the safety of your family as a gun enthusiast.

Should You Even Keep It At Home?

The rule of thumb should be that the only guns you keep at home are the ones you use for self-defense. If you own guns that aren't there for home defense, they have no business being at your house. Store them at the shooting range, hunting lodge, or wherever you use them.

Keep It Out of Reach

This should be obvious, but it is so important that it needs to be stressed. Always keep your gun out of the reach of your children at all times. Don't keep it in your handbag and hide it in your closet, even "just to go to the bathroom for a minute."

Be Careful Where You Point It

Never point a gun in a direction that can harm someone. Keep in mind that bullets can penetrate walls and doors. When handling or putting down a gun, keep it pointed in a direction that will ensure that nobody is harmed if it goes off by mistake.

Educate Your Kids

At the same time, as a gun owner, you need to educate your kids about guns. This means that you should show them the gun and teach them the dangers of playing with it. You can even bring them to the range to show them what guns can do. Hearing the loud noises and seeing the power of a gun can go a long way when it comes to scaring them from ever touching a gun. However, you can never rely on your kids to not touch a gun, which is why getting a good gun safe is so important.

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