Is a Missing Key threatening your summer fun?

Is a missing key threatening your summer fun?

Oops! You've lost the spare key to your camper and you're planning that long-overdue fishing trip to your Favorite Campground. That is not the place to lock yourself out of your camper with its food, shelter, and especially bug spray!

And don't even mention the 4-wheeler you won't be taking along because somebody lost the key on the last trip. Remember what a pain it was trying to get it home? Those things are heavy!

How about that lost motorcycle key? It's hard to enjoy the open road on your bike when you've lost the only key. Especially when there's nobody even halfway close who can make you a new one.

Why are some keys so hard to replace?

The local hardware store or supercenter can probably replace an ordinary key. But just try getting them to replace your camper key. Or a key for any other kind of recreational vehicle, for that matter. They just don't carry the kind of specialty blanks needed to replace a key for a camper, 4-wheeler, boat, or even a motorcycle. Nope! Those kinds of key blanks are hard to come by.

Special keys require special service!

Well, don't despair about being locked out of your favorite summer activity. We have those specialty blanks for your motorcycle or recreational vehicle. Not only that, but we're a full-service locksmith. That means we can make you a new key (or 2!), extract the broken key that's keeping you out of your camper, or even make a new key from what's left of that broken key.

We're open from 8:30 - 5:00 Monday through Friday for walk-in or mobile service and offer walk-in service from 9:00 - 1:00 on Saturday. That means we can still get you out on the road in time for some fun. Needing a special key replaced isn't the end of your fun, it's just a bump in the road with Precision Safe & Lock on your side!



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