It’s No Laughing Matter When Your Safe Won’t Open, SO…

...Precision Safe & Lock, LLC is here to make your stress go away. Because there has never been a safe that our team hasn't been able to open, we are here to bring a little laughter to this one stressful moment in time that will surely pass once we jump into action.

Opening a safe isn't quite as easy as this, but we get just as excited when we have the challenge to open a safe. Hey, it's the business that we love.

We're adding more laughter to keep you worry-free until we get there with a few fun "key" jokes that will surely give you a smile. Found on JOKEAZ, "Funny Key Jokes" are exactly what gives us locksmiths laugh, and we're sharing them with you.

  • "Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock." We can always make a key.
  • "What kind of key opens a banana? A monKEY!" Too cute.
  • "There is no key to a woman's heart. There is only a password that changes regularly." No comment.
  • "What kind of key opens a casket? A skeleton key." What neat keys to us locksmiths. Makes you think of historical castles, doesn't it?

When your safe won't open, don't stress out, because that is why we are here. It's probably something we're used to handling that could be as simple as dead batteries, or you're simply locked out from your the safe's lockout mode/time delay that has failed. It could be a bit more serious as a jammed bolt. If you have forgotten the combination, we'll get you into your safe. You will be able to set a new combination.

Precision Safe & Lock, LLC is the expert when it comes to opening your safe, and it is always an honor to be your first choice. Call us when you need us, or drop in to share a "key" joke. We are always excited to show you everything we have to offer in safes, locks, and keys.

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