Just a Friendly Reminder: Do You Have the Keys You Need for Vacation Fun?

Do You Have the Keys to Your Summertime Fun?

Summer is on the way! Check to make sure you have those keys that are hard to replace, such as the key to your motorcycle, 4-wheeler, camper, boat, or other recreational vehicles. Don't wait until you have to delay your summertime fun. Check for your keys. If you have misplaced them, don't fret, we can help! First, give us a call at 864-293-4098. Then, sit back, and enjoy some humor that only us locksmiths love to share.

Keys That Were Never Lost...

This story will absolutely make us look forward to our golden years, as found in TRUTH BOOK. If you're frequently losing your keys, it's easy to understand how this could happen. With today's technology, we have software applications to find those things we easily misplace.

As we all know, technology is bringing us hi-tech keys, especially the innovative car key fobs. We are well-versed in almost all types of automotive keys.

Speaking of Car Keys...

BuzzFeed has a funny story that you would never think is a way to lose the keys you know you hung on the designated hook. Since we were all kids, we all know how fun it was to play with keys and imagine driving your parents' car. Just in case you never find the keys your toddler excitedly took, we're here for you.

Take a Moment to Laugh at...

Thanks to CartoonStock, we all can relate to some of these "lost key cartoons and comics." I wonder how many people have used their doggie's door to get into their home. Like the one cartoon pointed out, don't use a blowtorch, just call the team at Precision Safe & Lock, LLC.

Take Precautions to Keep Yourself Keyed Up, Especially with Hard to Find Keys

Getting back to those hard to find keys, or any key, there is one thing you can do to avoid calling your trusted locksmith at Precision Safe & Lock. Something to remember, don't have the key laying around without a key chain. Single keys are easy to lose.

  • At home, ALWAYS place your keys in the same place.
  • When traveling, designate a place for all keys, such as a zippered, jacket pocket or travel bag.
  • For boat keys, be sure you have them on a floating key chain. And, make sure it can hold the weight of the key. Test it in your sink!
  • For motorcycle keys, camper keys, and other recreational keys keep them on a key chain that you can hook onto a belt loop or hook inside of a backpack if you're hiking away from them. Cargo shorts, or pants, have zippered pockets that are great for carrying keys around when you're traveling the open road.

When You Need Us, We're Happy to Help

The team at Precision Safe & Lock, LLC is always happy to help our neighbors in Winter Haven and the Central Florida area. We will leave you smiling and on your way. If you happen to have read this blog, and you still lose your keys, remember the laughs! Let us know which one was your favorite.

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