Key Ring Missing? Precision Safe & Lock To The Rescue!

It's a horrible feeling whenever you lose your entire set of keys. It is even worse when you don't remember every key that you had on your key ring, and you have no idea if you have any spares floating around.

No lecture from us at Precision Safe & Lock, LLC. It happens, and that is why we're here. We're here to help you out "whenever life gives you lemons" and takes your keys.

We are not magicians that can make your keys magically reappear, but we are pretty exceptional when it comes to finding the best solution to replace your lost keys. If we can get a key code, we'll certainly do that first. Sometimes, we will have to install a new lock and key system.

  • Residential and Commercial - You may want to simply rekey your lock, or we can install a new lock and key system. Maybe you want to look at a keyless entry system. We carry and work with Medeco high-security lock and keys.
  • Automobile - We are your complete automotive locksmith.  We can make keys with computer chips and sidewinder keys as well as remotes. No matter what we need to do, we'll get you back on the road.
  • Motorcycle - No worries; we can have you enjoying your past time in no time.
  • Boat - We will make sure you can get back in the water, and you're leaving a wake behind you.

Once we get you set up with all the keys that you know you need, let's set up a second key ring to hold all of your spares. You'll never be left without keys in the future unless you're given those lemons again. If so, we're always here for you.

Precision Safe & Lock, LLC proudly serves the Winter Haven and the Central Florida area. It is always an honor to be your #1 choice. Give us a call, or drop in for all your key, lock and safe needs.

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