Lock Rekey – Protect your home and save money!

The locks of your home or business can become vulnerable in several ways leaving you uneasy when you’re away. The unknown of lost or misplaced keys is something a homeowner should not have to worry about. Replacing your lock hardware can be very costly and simply overkill in many situations and a lock rekey allows you to keep your current hardware and save money.

Choosing to rekey your locks can be for several reasons including losing a key, untrusted people have a key or not knowing if there are others that have keys from previous owners. The unknown is very scary when it comes to the security of your home, family and personal belongings. It is better to take the steps to ensure the integrity of your locks and give you the peace of mind of total security.

Homeowners can choose to completely replace their door hardware and locks or have theirs rekeyed. The latter is just as effective and a save the homeowner a large sum of money. Many homeowners are happy with their current locks and simply just need a different key pattern to make them secure again. A lock rekey should be performed by a professional locksmith to ensure it’s done correctly and to ensure the integrity of the lock. It is a fairly short procedure and a trained professional can rekey an entire home in just a few short hours.

Business owners should consider rekeying their locks or at least locks to areas that house money or valuables. Performing a rekey on a regular annual or semi-annual basis ensures that any ex-employees do not have access. This will ensure that your business and employees are completely safe. If you would like more information on rekeying your locks and regaining security and peace of mind, please contact us.

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