My Safe Won’t Open! The 3 Most Common Reasons

The entire purpose of a safe is to make sure the stuff you put in it can't be accessed by anyone else. The problem is that, sometimes, your safe keeps you out, as well. When your safe won't open, it's important to try to troubleshoot it yourself before you call in the pros. Some of the most common reasons your safe won't open include...

#1: Dead Batteries

While classic safes are all mechanical in nature, more modern safes often have electronic locks. Some of them read biometrics like your fingerprints, while others require you to punch in a simple code, but in both circumstances you need to be sure your safe's batteries have some juice in them. Otherwise there's not going to be anything you can do to get it open, because the lock itself needs an electric charge to disengage.

#2: Jammed Bolt

A jammed bolt is another common reason for a safe that won't open. If you can hear the safe attempting to disengage, but it's just not coming unstuck, it might be time for some percussive maintenance according to Lock Net. A mule kick into the door can sometimes loosen the jammed bolt (if you're careful to avoid the pad and handle). Additionally, try pulling the handle in the opposite way when you put in your code, as this can sometimes help loosen the jam and open the door.

#3: Lockout Mode

If you've ever been trying to put in your unlock combination on your phone, and then had it obstinately fold its digital arms because you did it wrong too many times, then you're familiar with lockout mode. Safes often have the same feature, and when you put in too many wrong combinations then it cannot be opened for a certain period of time. Sometimes it's ten minutes, sometimes it's twenty, and sometimes it's even longer, but if you're in lockout mode there's nothing you can do to get it open but wait.

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