Need a Liberty Safe Dealer That Delivers in More Than One Way?

Not only do we here at Precision Lock & Repair offer a wide selection of Liberty safes, but we also provide additional safe services including delivery, personalized installation, and repair. Our safe experts help you with the process from beginning to end, from the initial procurement of your chosen safe to guide you through any warranty claims. Any Liberty safe you choose includes Liberty's lifetime warranty, and an experienced Liberty Safe Dealer we can also provide repairs or replacement in the event of a break-in attempt or fire.

As proud carrier of Liberty safes, we offer their full line to provide you with the right safe for you. Whether it be firearms, documents, family heirlooms, or whatever else you may need protection for, you can sleep easy with whatever Liberty safe you select. If you are unsure what safe is right for you, our safe experts can help you assess and choose the right one based on your needs.

Our delivery not only includes the transportation of your safe, but personalized assistance of your choosing, such as maneuvering the safe to your chosen spot and bolting it down for added security. You can be rest assured that our installation crew are experts who are able to give you a full range of services that will make the process of installing your safe an easy, hassle-free process no matter how big or small your safe needs are.

Our service does not end with the delivery process; we are there to assist you throughout the lifetime of your safe. If unfortunate circumstance's call for the repair or replacement under Liberty's lifetime warranty, we are there to make the necessary repairs to return security for your valuables. If you need a replacement for your safe, we will give you the same care and expertise as before.

Call us today to find out how we can offer you the best safes and services for your needs!

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