One-Stop Shopping for Hard-to-Find Keys

What do you do if you've lost a key to your motorcycle, 4-wheeler, camper, boat, or other recreational vehicles? Frankly, losing a key to one of these vehicles/toys can be difficult, for several reasons. If you're used to going to a hardware store or even a Big Box store for replacement or duplicate key needs, you are very likely going to be out of luck. They can't help you, because they don't have the expertise to make these kind of keys.

These keys can also be relatively easy to lose. Most people know where their house keys are, because they use them on a regular basis. It's the same with car keys. You know you have a missing key the minute you try to get into your house or enter your car. It's also likely that a family member or friend has a duplicate of these common keys that you can access relatively easily.

But you may only use a recreational vehicle key in certain seasons. If you haven't used your boat all winter, for example, but can't find your key when you go to take it out of the slip, you may not be sure whether you lost it recently or five months ago. You're not as apt to be able to retrace your steps and find it. On top of that, motorcycle and boat keys can be smaller, making them easier to lose and harder to find.

A Locksmith Can Meet Your Needs

We have two suggestions. First, if you do lose a key to your motorcycle, 4-wheeler, camper, boat, or other recreational vehicles, call us. We have years of expertise in making these keys.

Second, create a plan to not lose your keys to these types of vehicles in the future. Have a duplicate made of each and keep them in a safe place. Make a point of knowing where that place is. Never lose a precious weekend of fun with your family because you couldn't find the keys.

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