Perimeter Security Isn’t Enough for Offices with Medical Information

Most office buildings focus on two types of security: physical perimeter security and cybersecurity. While ensuring that unauthorized people can't gain access to the building is important, it's not the end of an office's obligation to control access and protect information. Maintaining HIPAA compliance also requires internal security measures that limit access to information and different rooms, and the first Technical Safeguard Standard in HIPAA's security rules focus on access control.

The right system should:

Have unique access rights based on a person's job.

Create internal access profiles based on roles rather than specific individuals. The rooms that doctors can access should be different than the rooms receptionists or building managers can access. Tying access rights to a title rather than a person helps ensure consistency and that the access really matches the role.

Limit access to what is required for job functionality.

In order to maintain HIPAA compliance, it's important to keep medical information away from even internal personnel who don't need to see it. This is similar to assigning administrator rights to your office's computer network. The fewer rooms with medical records that people can access, especially if it doesn't impede safety or performance, the better.

Log access.

In the event of a potential data breach, your team needs to be able to retrace everyone's steps and create an accurate summation of events. Access control logs can track who entered a room or, conversely, what rooms an individual entered. Using those records can help simplify the process and correct any gaps in your system.

Limit inconvenience to increase compliance.

Security often bumps heads with convenience, and convenience often wins. Instead of having typed passwords or security passes that need to be held up to scanner doorways, use scanners that can identify a security pass as someone walks through the doorway. This helps when people's hands are full or when the social convention of holding open the door for someone might otherwise break security.

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