Sliding Glass Door Locks – Are your doors completely secure?

Homeowners looking to make their home as secure as possible often overlook major points of vulnerability within their home. It is common to replace all door locks and to install dead bolts to prevent unwanted entry from entrance door. Sliding glass doors usually are skipped over since they commonly do not have a standard door knob and lock.

Sliding glass door locks are often in faulty condition and don’t work properly after a few years due to the poor construction and quality. This can leave your home in a highly vulnerable state due to it being an easy entrance point. Typically homeowners use a cutoff board or dowel rod to slip into the track to prevent it from being opened. This however is not a fool proof solution as if someone forcibly rocks the door back and forth and up out of the track the board can come loose.

It is imperative that you install quality sliding glass door locks on your doors to eliminate this vulnerable point of entry. Upon inspection a homeowner might think they their particular brand door lock cannot be replaced. Professional locksmiths can install new highly-secure locks on almost any door including sliding glass doors. Having a new lock installed will allow you the peace of mind knowing what was one of your weakest links are now one of the strongest. Replacing the lock also can save the homeowner a lot of money instead of replacing the entire door. Many sliding glass doors are in excellent condition yet the locking mechanism has failed or is severely weakened. If you would like more information on strengthening the security of your home and replacing your sliding glass door locks, please contact us.

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