Staying Secure with Medeco Keys and Locks

At Precision Safe & Lock, we believe that excellent service can only be coupled with the best quality products for ultimate customer satisfaction. That is precisely why we use Medeco keys and locks, which offer high security and customization - a perfect fit for all your locking needs.

What exactly is "high security?"

Burglaries are only seen in the movies, right? How common are they in the everyday world, and what are the odds that a burglary happens at your house or business? Today, most burglaries are successful because of key duplication, which can easily be performed at most hardware stores.

How can this tragedy be prevented? Medeco has implemented key control, a procedure that prevents your patent-protected key from being duplicated without your permission. The keys are also cut at a specific angle that requires Medeco machinery, so you never have to worry about someone sneaking in when you aren't around.

How strong are Medeco keys?

Medeco keys are undoubtedly physically strong and can withstand prying, sawing, and drilling; however, this isn't the only trait that makes these keys stand out. The intelligent design of the keys' pin system allows for increased protection from bumping and picking. The keys are made of nickel silver, making them much stronger than keys solely made of brass.

How can Medeco cater to my needs?

Medeco offers many different variations of locks and keys, ranging from padlocks to deadbolts. Whether you are looking to get a new lock for your front door or you are searching for increased security for a business, our installation of Medeco keys and locks will provide you with the protection you need.

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