Dear Gentlemen, You may think I am going overboard with this, but I feel compelled to again say THANK YOU. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t come to you first. After being jerked around on Ave C, I remembered you. I’ll always come back to you and refer my family and friends to you also. Thank you for being kind, considerate, and above all appreciating my business. Sincerely,

Officer D.R. Murphy,

Dear Mr. Lehning, Thank you so much for the in-kind donation of changing the locks on the front doors of the Ritz Theatre. This is an exciting time for the Theatre. We are about to finish restoring the facade and install new bathrooms so that the theatre can be used as work continues. Community support such as yours is vital to completing this historical project. We appreciate your interest in the theatre and your generous donation of the locks.

Pat E., President, Board of Directors, Ritz Theatre

Dear Scott,Thank you so much for your help during such a difficult time for us.Your honesty and sincerity were of such assurance to us under the circumstances.Thanks again.

Elaine’s family,

Dear Sirs: I came into your store today explaining how my lock would not retract. You, without hesitation, helped me and in short order, you were at my house to fix it. I know you said there was going to be no charge but it wasn’t the lock’s fault, so you really could’ve charged me and I would’ve paid you. It is nice to know there are still people that stand by their word. Your fast and friendly service was commendable, and I will recommend you without hesitation.In this busy world, so many things go by unnoticed and unappreciated.I want you to know I send this note “with sincere thanks and appreciation”. Thanks so much.

Becky S.,