It is so exciting when you finally close on a new home. You're ready to immediately move in and invite all of your family and friends. A ten-point, home safety checklist by Julie Ryan Evans on Realtor.Com includes door locks. It's a great idea to rekey your locks before you make that exciting move. Better yet, get new locks altogether.

Why do we suggest rekeying or replacing your locks before you move your family and valuables into your new domain? If it's a new home, ask if the door locks are new with no chance of keys being in the hands of others. If you bought an existing home, the previous owner probably doesn't remember how many keys were given out to friends and family.

Who are you going to call for all of your lock and key needs? I don't think you need a ghostbuster, but a professional, lock buster, aka locksmith, is just who you need. Precision Safe & Lock, LLC is the company you can depend on for all your home lock and key needs.

Our highly skilled technicians can check out your locks to make sure you have the best devices for your home's exterior doors. If your exterior doors do not have deadbolts, we highly recommend you add one to each entryway. The door to the garage can be an easy target for those people you want to keep out, especially when you, or the family ghost, accidentally leave the garage door open. Sliding glass doors should also have a dependable lock, and you may want to think about window locks too. Just let us know if you want us to examine any hardware. If you ever do need a lock opened, we are the busters you want to call. As far as helping you keep any ghosts out, we'll have to refer you to another professional.

Schedule with us at Precision Safe & Lock, LLC to make your new home secure. We are a proud member of the ALOA Security Professionals Association, Inc., and we follow their "Code of Ethics" to give our customers the most professional service. It is always our pleasure to serve our Winter Haven and Central Florida residents with all your lock and key components.

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