The Mystery Behind The Safe Discovered In Your Basement!

The team at Precision Safe & Lock, LLC loves a great mystery. We're always solving lock and key mysteries. How should we break into your safe? Is the lock still functioning? And most of all, the excitement to find out what's behind the locked doors of the hidden safe you found in the old house you just bought at an auction!

If your home was built in the 1800's, you may have just discovered an antique safe. We love the history of our keys, locks, and safes. A fascinating review by Hurley, T. "Antique Safes." lovetoknow. Home & Garden walks you through the history of safes in America. As Hurley reports, the production of safes in America started in the "mid-1820's.' The possibility that your safe came across the Atlantic is another exciting mystery. The early safes produced in America are something to inspect and revere.

Hurley's review touches on the unique qualities of our early American safes.

  • Hobnail Safe, first known as the "knob-chest" safe, received its name from the "large-headed, cast iron nails." These safes were reportedly constructed of wood and then covered with sheets of steel iron.
  • Fireproof safes soon became in demand, and the "John Scott Safe Company" was the first manufacturer. An interesting fact Hurley shares is that the John Scott Safe Company patented a safe using "asbestos as the fireproofing material." Little did they know the ramifications of asbestos. Something to definitely think about if your safe is one of these.
    • More safe manufacturers began trying to create the ultimate, fireproof safe. The "Diebold Safe Company" was the manufacturer to make the first acknowledged, fireproof safe.
  • Styles of safes became important pending on the contents or where housed.
    • Victorian Parlor safes took on many looks with gold and glitter.
    • Cannonball safes were used by banks to show their customers their money was safe.
    • Napoleon III safes were introduced "around 1860," and have been a favorite find that many people have restored to use for interesting purposes. These safes were interestingly disguised, and they had secret compartments.

Precision Safe & Lock, LLC has the expertise to open any safe, and we haven't been defeated yet. If you did find an antique safe, we're the team you want to carefully inspect and solve the mystery behind the locked door. It is always an honor to be your first choice in the Winter Haven and Central Florida area. Give us a call, or drop by to see everything we have to offer to solve any key, lock or safe mysteries.

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