Top three reasons to rekey or replace your locks

Top three reasons to rekey or replace your locks

The locks on your home are the first line of defense against thieves and unwanted guests. If you feel that your locks are vulnerable to a break in for any reason, they should be replaced immediately. The uncertainty about the integrity of your locks should not be a worry of a homeowner, and lock replacement will give you the peace-of-mind that your house is secure while you are there and away.

Lost Keys

Losing keys to your home happens, but could also put your home at-risk depending on where they were lost. Sure, you can go get more keys made, but that doesn’t stop someone who found the key from using it when you’re not home. If you are not sure where some of your house keys are, then it’s imperative you hire a professional locksmith to rekey the locks on your home so that your old key will no longer work.

Transfer of ownership

Buying a new home or renting a new apartment is an exciting time in life. When you get the keys to your place the previous occupant more than likely still has keys as well. Getting your locks rekeyed and installing new locks to replace any damaged locks should be done immediately and before you actually move anything valuable into the space. If you have a closing or move-in date, you can schedule your rekey and new lock installation with a locksmith. This ensures you get to enjoy your new home right away and you don’t have to worry about others having keys.

Old Locks

Having a home with older locks poses two risks to homeowners as they are not as secure as they should be and the possibility of others having a key. Aging locks can malfunction and put your home at-risk from attempted break-ins. Homeowners who have had their home for a long period run the risk of all the keys they have given people changing hands and being used to gain entry.

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