You Lost Your Keys in the Dark, And You Cannot Find Them in the Light

Making Keys Since 1986!

At Precision Safe & Lock, LLC, the unfortunate aggravation of losing your keys is what keeps us unlocking our door every day. We are happy that we get to come to the rescue for anyone in the Winter Haven and the Central Florida area. Since 1986, we have been making keys to replace all sorts of ones that are lost, especially those hard to find keys. We keep an inventory of blank keys that most hardware stores and big box stores don't carry. Keys seem insignificant until you don't have the one you need. Then, that small item is a big thing.

A Key Story That Has Been Told for Years!

Anything to do with keys is interesting to the team at Precision Safe & Lock. Here is an old tale that you may find interesting. Making keys, breaking into almost anything with a lock, and building safes are all the things we do best. We know it's not fun to lose keys. Just call us, and we will leave you with a smile.

Motorcycle Keys - Yes, we can make them!

We make it our business to carry blanks for almost any motorcycle. Key blanks for older model motorcycles are hard to find. Ever wonder about the history of the motorcycle? It's quite fascinating. Of course, we're thinking about the first motorcycle key. Let us make a spare key for you soon.

4-Wheeler Keys - Yes, we can make them!

If you're in our service area, we will be able to help with new keys for your 4-wheeler. But, if you decide to go for a ride in the Cozumel Jungle, and you lose your keys, we hate to inform you that it's a bit out of our service area. Come in to get a spare key made before you head to the jungles.

Campers - Yes, we can make them!

Nothing is worse than losing your keys right before you are ready to leave on a camping trip, or losing them when you're having fun on your camping trip. Come in and get that spare set of keys made before you lose the ones you have.

We're the Key to Replacing Lost Keys!

Precision Safe & Lock, LLC is the key to replacing any lost keys. With over 30 years of experience, we know everything about keys and the locks they must fit. It is always a pleasure to help you when you have lost your keys. If you lost your keys in the dark, don't waste time looking in the wrong place with bright lights. Just call our team. We're here for you.

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