You May Not Know Everything Your Auto’s Remote Key Does

The Secrets of Remote Key Fobs

Technology has and is bringing about exciting changes. From the old wooden keys from centuries ago to the key fobs so many of us have today, you may not even know the "hidden features" as revealed on Consumer Reports. Of course, these features may only be found on the latest, and of course, the more expensive automobiles. It never hurts to see if you're missing out on technology hidden in your key.

Consumer Reports makes a valid point. "The presence of hidden buttons and functions means that owners need to be aware in order to avoid problems."

"Remote start" is something many people know they have. Just in case you have it, and you don't know, see if you have the "circular arrow button."

"Mirror folding" may have its own button, but for others try holding "the key-fob lock buttonĀ  for a full second to make the mirrors fold in."

"Vehicle summon" applies to the "Tesla Model S and Model X key fobs to help the owner park in a tight space. Step out the car and remotely maneuver into the tight spot.

"Mechanical key" may be hidden inside of your key fob so that you can manually lock and unlock your car if your fob battery is dead.

It's Not a Secret: We Repair and Sell Factory Original Remotes

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