Your Key Investment

Congratulations on buying your new home, and maybe it's your first house! The one key item that protects your investment is the key. That small, metal item holds the power to allow you, or anyone, to enter your home. That small, piece of metal has a lot of history and meaning to some key people also known as your friendly locksmiths.

The first known key is noted to have been used in Egyptian times when wooden keys were first carved out per "Lock and Key - History of Keys and Locks" on The History of Keys. Keys were fashioned to replace "complicated rope knots." Not being very effective in keeping people out, they were used to know if someone had entered into your dwelling. You'll find out it was the Romans, of course, that molded many improvements using iron, bronze, silver or gold. What metal key you possessed was a way to show your position of wealth to everyone. If you saw someone with a golden key, you knew their home was secured with locks that were harder to pick or break. What is more interesting is that nothing happened with any further evolvement of the key and lock combination for 1500 years after the fall of the Roman Empire.

It wasn't until the 19th century and the industrial revolution that working with metals spurred further development of keys and locks. Although industrial manufacturing now makes the bulk of keys and locks, locksmiths are the most experienced when it comes to installing new key and lock combinations for your new home. We are also experts in solving many other locking issues that you may discover.

Precision Safe & Lock, LLC is your friendly and dependable locksmith. It is always our advice that you rekey existing locks if they are in good shape and replace worn out hardware after purchasing a new home.   You never know who may have a key to your new home. This one small investment is the first key to keeping your home secure. It is always our pleasure to meet and work with you. Drop by or give us a call.

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