Your New Castle Deserves Its Own “Ceremony Of The Keys”

The team at Precision Safe & Lock, LLC loves everything about locks and keys, and we have been in the business since 1986. We always stress the importance of changing the locks and keys of your new home to better secure your castle. We also love sharing interesting tidbits of lock and key history, especially when it is not forgotten, lock and key memorabilia.

Locks and keys go back centuries in time to when the Ancient Egyptians developed the first known lock and key combination as found in an Express article, "Top 10 facts about locks" by Hartston, W. (2016, May 30). Another interesting fact that is a fascinating part of history, and continues to this day, is the "Ceremony Of The Keys". It is fascinating to watch online, and you can actually get tickets to watch in person if you're lucky enough to secure a ticket.

As found on Wikipedia, this Tower of London ritual has been done every evening for centuries but the true origin is unknown. To this day, there has only been one evening that the ceremony was delayed, and that happened during a World War II attack.

You may not be a queen, and you may not have crown jewels, but your castle has your family's heirlooms, jewelry and other important items that you want to protect. The first ritual that any new homeowner should consider is replacing the locks and keys that the prior owner used. At the very least, rekey the locks. The biggest reason is not knowing all the keys that were handed out to unknown individuals by the prior owner.

Precision Safe & Lock, LLC is always here to serve our neighbors in the Winter Haven and Central Florida areas. We are the best keepers of locks and keys, and it is always an honor to work for you. Give us a call, or drop in to see how we can help you secure your new castle.

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