Your safe has locked you out, and now you have to decipher the problem. Do not panic. Precision Safe & Lock, LLC has the expertise to unlock your problem and help you understand the cause.

Did you happen to change the lock's combination and forget it? This is a common occurrence, and there is no need to worry. We can get you into your safe, and set you up to enter a new combination code. It is a good idea to routinely change your safe's combination. 

As with all mechanical or electrical parts, there is always the possibility of something not working. The easiest reason is that the batteries are dead. We have batteries for you in stock.

Safe locks can be delicate and the bolts can jam due to different reasons. The contents inside of your safe may be hindering the bolt from turning. Or, something has slipped out of sequence. No matter what has your safe locked up, we can get you out of any jam.

You may have a lockout mode or time delay set up. If you have entered an incorrect code multiple times, you are now the bad guy. Your items are now trapped inside, but this is no trouble for us. 

Sometimes, the lock just fails and needs to be repaired or replaced. We have the inventory, and we have the best technicians to break through the lock's failure and explain the best fix.

Precision Safe & Lock, LLC has over 30 years experience, and there has never been a safe that our technicians have not been able to open. We haven't had to throw a safe off a high rise building yet! When it comes to safes, we are the experts you want to call. We take great pride in solving the problem when your valuables are locked up, and you're locked out.


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